Freeing Link

I haven’t been blogging. I’ve been building, but not blogging. And you know why?

I feel a lot of pressure to write in a way that appeals to people, that is “likable,” instead of using my own words and my own voice.

If I have to say things in someone else’s voice, I’m never going to be able to say anything at all. There will never be a blog. You will never know how this goes.

And fuck that shit.

Heck, I probably lost people with that sentence. That’s OK. We weren’t ever going to be friends anyway. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. But DAMN do I love the people who appreciate authenticity more than meeting expectations.

Here’s the other thing too: I’m designing and building my own tiny house because I love the idea behind tiny houses, but I think most tiny houses SUCK. I hate them. They’re awful. People cram themselves in these stupid little spaces where they can’t sit up without whacking their heads on things or they have to climb a ladder at night when they have to pee or they have to cook their onions right next to their pillows, and I think, “What a miserable way to live.”

I’m a minimalist. I don’t like having stuff I don’t need. I want to live in as simple a place as I can. So I love theĀ idea behind tiny houses, but I despise most of the tiny houses I’ve seen.

I’m building a house that’s different. I’m building a house I think makes SENSE. It’s USEFUL. It’s SPACIOUS. It’s LIGHT, which means it’s TOWABLE. And it’s INEXPENSIVE.

I’m building this house as myself, so I’m going to write about it in my own voice. If you like it, stick around. If you don’t, leave. It’s a free internet. Nobody’s keeping you here.

If you have thoughts/feedback/advice/criticism, PLEASE say so! I do want/need feedback. Desperately. I know very little about what I’m doing (writing that post next). But if you’re just going to say, “I don’t like you and you suck and your design sucks and the fact that you don’t like other people’s designs sucks,” go make your own damn blog. Mine comes with a “DELETE COMMENT” option, and I’m not afraid to use it.

So hello, and welcome, or goodbye, and good riddance. Either way, I hereby free Link!